H e a l t h   &   W e l l n e s s   C o a c h i n g


Weight does not cause other health issues, but is often correlated. 

Modern health care focuses on losing weight as the solution to health issues.  It is possible to be obese and have no health issues.  It is also possible to be normal, or even underweight, and have health issues.  Having a weight issue (over/under) is likely a symptom that your body is not functioning correctly and requires a diet that is closer to what is genetically expected.    Consume a correct diet and your body will establish a balance point that your body is designed to thrive on.  The word 'diet' is thought of as restrictive eating plan forced on you by others.  In the primal world 'diet' is just the term for what your body requires to heal to its best ability and to thrive.  No hunger and no cravings are typical of people that follow a diet that their body genetically expects.  Within a few weeks your body will relearn how to burn fat - the preferred fuel source for the body - not carbs!  Hunger and sugar crashes go away once your body has relearned using body fat for energy.  Restoring of proper metabolic function usually takes three weeks.  Even when you have achieved your desired weight your body retains this ability to burn body fat for energy.  You NEVER get 'hangry' again!  

Enlist the services of a Primal Health Coach and learn how food can allow your body to heal.