H e a l t h   &   W e l l n e s s   C o a c h i n g


  • ​I was suffering from worsening type 2 diabetes (on medication and under threat of starting injectable drugs), at the heaviest weight of my life (179 pounds, at 5′ 2” tall), and had a host of constant irritations. I had colds, headaches, stomachaches, lethargy, sweet cravings, horrible self-image, and basically felt lousy all the time. My husband was also at his heaviest weight, and complained of heartburn, irregular heartbeat, backaches, frequent sunburns, carb cravings and high blood pressure. All of these problems have since vanished, thanks to the Primal lifestyle. - Barbie

  • I dropped down to 125 pounds (high school weight) and my husband lost 70. Yes, my IBS symptoms are gone. My skin is glowing and there are no more sugar crashes. But what makes me tear up in gratitude is that I haven’t had a single migraine since. - Katie

  • ​Panic attacks are non-existent because my insulin levels are low and regular, keeping my serotonin levels low and regular. There is much, much more to the paleo lifestyle and diet than “getting big”; it’s about physical and mental health, sustainability, and quality of life. - Keenan

  • My doctor no longer worries about my cholesterol. I ENJOY my workouts. I have virtually NO stress! Its amazing. - Mike

  • I’ve tried A LOT to get the Crohn’s under control and I can honestly say the primal lifestyle has been more successful than all the medications, supplements and other diets I’ve tried. - Jake

  • In the little over two months, since I’ve gone primal, I feel better than I have in a long time. I have more energy; I have more fun with my kids and am (almost) always in a good mood. My clothes even fit better… - Sabrina

  • Doctor practically gave me a high five when he entered the office. Said he had never seen anybody with these kind of improvements and was down right giddy. He then asked me what meds I was taking and I once again told him I was taking nothing. He just shook his head. He also said that he has never heard of anyone being cured of diabetes but…Unfortunately still not sold on my eating choices but couldn’t argue it because of my results. - Chucky

  • It’s been almost two years now since I said goodbye to the symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease. - Gary

  • I’ve lost 70 lbs, I’m off ALL my meds, my blood pressure is normal and my A1C is going down. My doctor is impressed! - Harry

  • My thyroid levels are normal after just 30 days of primal eating. - Theresa


  • Not only has the blood sugar improved (before carb restriction I started at a 7 A1C (diabetic) and now am at 5.7 (normal person range), but I am rid of the insulin roller coaster. No more massive hunger attacks, no more sugar or carb cravings, no more mid-afternoon crashing, no over-eating at night, no more feeling like I’m a slave to meal times. I feel like I have been freed at last! - Tina

  • At my last checkup the doctor suggested I be tested for Celiac’s Disease as it runs in my family. Although I’d never been aware of having any symptoms, I tested positive, which means no more gluten containing products, ever. And I’m so okey with that – a disease that makes you unable to eat junk food is not a bad thing! So yes, I’m following the paleo diet and lifestyle and there’s no going back, which I wouldn’t want to do as I feel good, like the way I look and have energy to thoroughly enjoy my beloved granddaughter. - Catherine

  • All of my depression is gone. All my medications are gone. I feel stronger every day. - Mark

  • In December 2009, I was 25 years old and weighed 210 lbs. I was obese for my 5’5″ frame, never felt well, and was popping handfuls of pills every day just to get by. I was taking 2 anti-depressants, anxiolytics, prescription sleeping pills, courses of Prilosec once or twice a month, acid-blocking pills or antacid tablets 1-3 times a day, anti-diarrhea pills several days a week, and I was constantly catching respiratory infections and frequently took courses of antibiotics.  Finally, I am able to feel confident and beautiful despite my flaws (losing 80 lbs of fat does a number on your skin), and I am strong, energized, off all medications, have reversed all of my pre-Primal ailments, and feel wonderful! - Amanda