becomeHEALTHY Package:

Initial counselling session - 120 minutes

Allow at least 2 hours for the first session.  The session may run longer, but you won't be charged extra.  I want to ensure that you understand how eating real food can allow your body to heal. There are additional healthy living components of exercise/play, sleep and stress reduction, but food is by far the major determinant in the quality of your health and body composition.  You will be provided with reference materials to support you in your food choices, store options that have healthier food choices, and how to make better food choices at restaurants and social gatherings.  You don't always have to be 100%, but if you stray (and we all do), just jump back on board at the earliest opportunity.  Your results are determined by your adherence to a diet that works for your genetic heritage.

Once you have determined the start date of your corrective health journey you will need to learn how to navigate a grocery store with your new mindset and clean out your pantry/fridge/freezer of foods that don't support your path to renewed health.

Navigating the Grocery Store (at your store choice)
I will teach you new skills when choosing foods at your favourite store.  Which foods to embrace, which foods to limit and which foods to ignore.

Cleaning out the pantry and reading food labels
I will teach you how to decode ingredient/nutrition labels to determine if those foods fall within the guidelines of a diet that is supportive of allowing your body to heal.​

Two followup counselling sessions -  60 minutes each

Timing of these followup sessions vary by client.   You may need support shortly after beginning your permanent diet correction to solve roadblocks in your personal journey.  I will work with you to develop a sustainable program that works for you.   

Phone calls and/or emails - (within reason)

To answer brief questions that don't require a full session.  I prefer phone calls as more information is exchanged in a shorter period of time.

Most clients start their corrective health journey within a few weeks of the initial counselling session.  Additional followup sessions can be arranged if required.

If you have a dog or cat and wish them to join you in your healing journey (on their own food of course), just ask me.  Consuming a diet that respects your genetic heritage works for all living beings, human or otherwise.


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