What is a "Primal Health Coach"?

A Primal Health Coach is a certified professional that has been trained to educate their client to more closely follow the pattern(s) that the clients human genome expects.  The most powerful input is diet, but sleep, stress and play (exercise) also play a significant role.   A Primal Health Coach will present options that will allow a person to thrive by following principles that are hardwired into their human genetic code.

​Will this work for me?  I have tried many diets before and they didn't work.

This is not a temporary diet.  This is a permanent change to your diet/lifestyle that will give your body the greatest opportunity to thrive.  A change of diet to more closely align with your genetic heritage will give your body its best opportunity to heal and prevent future health issues.  This is called eating 'primally'.

​Do I have to count calories or be hungry while trying to become healthier?

You don't EVER have to count calories and you WON'T be hungry.  There is a transition in your body in the first 3 weeks of this diet correction that allows your body to switch from being a carbohydrate burner to being a fat burner.  Fat is the preferred fuel source for the human body.  Once your body has transitioned to being a 'fat-burner' your body will obtain any extra calories required from stored fat.  Instead of hunger being triggered (and disrupting your schedule) you can just go about your day and obtain calories when it is more convenient.  Your body requires nutrients first and won't be satisfied until that demand is met.  It doesn't matter what time of day you obtain nutrients and calories.  Many people eating primally only have one or two meals a day, but you can eat as frequently or infrequently as you feel comfortable with.  The use of the word 'diet' in the primal community only refers to what you eat - it does not imply restrictions in calories or enjoyment of eating.

I have Type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.  Will eating this way help me? 

Absolutely.  Type 2 diabetes is caused by Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance and arthritis is an auto-immune condition.  Because these two conditions are so prevalent in society they are considered 'normal'.  They are prevalent because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is not even close to what we ate as our human genome developed.  Our bodies attempt to stay healthy as long as possible but eventually start to lose that battle.  By returning to a diet closer to what your genetic heritage expects Metabolic Syndrome is eliminated and auto-immune conditions improve or are even eliminated.    

I don't need to lose weight, I only want to resolve some health issues.
Eating primally is not only about weight loss.  It is about allowing a body to be a healthy as it can, by following principles that are hard-wired in the human genetic code.  Most health issues respond to this corrected diet.  A Primal Health Coach considers being overweight as just another symptom of a body that is not thriving.  Upon correcting your diet your body will likely adjust to its preferred composition that may result in weight loss, weight maintenance or even weight gain.  Just about every health issue has a basis in diet and responds to a corrected primally aligned diet.

Several generations of my family has been afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis.  Won't I also get this condition no matter what I eat?

Having a familial disposition towards a certain health condition certainly presents you with more of a challenge than other members of society.  Most people don't realize that their familial genes are a small portion of their genetic code and by eating closer to what your human genome expects will likely keep that familial gene from expressing itself.  This has been proven repeatedly among the primal community.  There is no guarantee, but by eating primally you will give your body its best opportunity to regain/maintain great health.

Will eating this way improve issues with mind (brain) issues?

In North America it is widely considered that the brain is completely separate from the body.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The brain is fueled from nutrients from the body.  The brain is nearly 60% fat.  Eating quality fats is a requirement for the human body.  People that eat primally have had improvements or resolution in depression, anxiety, migraines, Alzheimer's, mood, dementia, ADHD and autism.  Again, there is no guarantee, but by eating the foods that your body is genetically coded to thrive on gives the best chance at a life of great health. 

Will I be able to stop taking my medications?

As you progress on a diet that is aligned with your genetic heritage then you can work with your medical professional to determine if lower dosages or cessation of a prescription drug is prudent.  There are lab test markers and symptoms that will assist your medical professional in that decision.  It is common for people that have permanently switched to a primal diet to not require a prescription drug that they had been taking for many years.   Most prescription medications only slow down the progression of a health condition or improve/mask symptoms.  Eating primally gives your body the best chance to halt, reverse or even eliminate that health condition. 

I have an auto-immune condition.  Will eating this way improve my condition?

 It is common for people that have switched to eating primally to have their auto-immune condition improve or resolve.  An auto-immune condition is an indicator that your body is doing its best to halt a process that it deems to be incorrect.  Sometimes your body's best defense is not the best solution.  Eating a diet that your human genome expects give your body the best chance to resolve your auto-immune condition.

Do I eat the same diet as everyone else?

Absolutely not.  Everyone has their food preferences AND you absolutely have to be true to YOUR genetic heritage.  For most people of  European descent this likely entails a diet focusing on meat and vegetables.  Many First Nations people thrive on a diet that is almost completely meat based.  People from other parts of the world might thrive on a diet high in fish and fruit.  People from other parts of the world might thrive on a diet high in vegetables with very little meat.  You have to respect your genetic heritage.    Some people have issues with dairy, eggs, nightshade vegetables or cruciferous vegetables.  Sometimes these foods are required to be permanently left out of the diet, but if desired, these foods can sometimes be introduced after several months of following a primal diet that has allowed anti-bodies to those foods to be diminished.



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