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Eating the foods that your body expects is the most effective treatment for diabetes.

 T2 diabetes is a health condition that develops over years (or decades) of consuming a poor diet.  By eating a diet that your body expects, your body will heal to its best capability.  Type 2 diabetes is diet/lifestyle related and can be eliminated by correcting your diet/lifestyle.  T2 and T1 diabetes responds positively to a primal diet.  Many T1 diabetics can reduce their medication dosage by half (or more).  Fat (from good sources) is the preferred fuel source for the body . . . not carbohydrates! 

With either type of diabetes, always ensure that your doctor is working WITH you to determine at which point medications can be reduced or eliminated.  Since most diabetics are performing glucose monitoring several times a day you can see results within days of following a corrected diet.

Further information can be found at EndDiabetesManitoba.ca

Enlist the services of a Primal Health Coach and learn how food can allow your body to heal.