H e a l t h   &   W e l l n e s s   C o a c h i n g


Cancer often results because of your body losing the battle in the normal process of autophagy.

There is a constant process in every human body where, through a regulated process, unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components are removed.  This removal process is called autophagy.  Having this process function correctly is paramount to normal cellular function.  Maintain the proper function of this process and it is less likely that anything will go wrong at the cellular level.

It does not matter if cancer is prevalent in your family or you are the first. Several generations of your family may have had cancer so you have probably been told that it is inevitable.  If you eat the same poor diet that they do, then yes, it will likely be inevitable.  Eating a diet that your genetics expect will help keep those poor familial genes from expressing themselves.

With any type of cancer ensure that you follow the advice of your medical professionals.  If you plan on giving your body the best chance to prevent cancer then adopt a diet that your genes expect.  If you have had cancer and want to give your body the best opportunity to stop a recurrence, adopt a diet that your genes expect and allow your body to thrive.  A primal diet (which is low in natural sugar and devoid of artificial/added sugar) gives less food for cancer cells.  Cancer cells take up sugar at a rate 40X the rate of normal cells.  170+ pounds of added sugar a year is the average in the Standard American Diet (SAD diet). There are other components to the SAD diet that increase cancer risk - notably grain.   Adopt a diet that aligns closer to your genetic heritage and you will give your body the best opportunity to remain free of health issues, and if you have already had cancer it gives you the best chance to prevent recurrence.

Enlist the services of a Primal Health Coach and learn how food can allow your body to heal.