H e a l t h   &   W e l l n e s s   C o a c h i n g

  "Give your body the nutrients it needs (and deserves!) and get out of the way."

​​​    After years of abuse from poor diet (and other lifestyle factors), your body will likely manifest a health concern.  It may be a chronic condition or a repeating seasonal issue, but by correcting your diet you can likely eliminate/reverse/halt that health concern and THRIVE instead of survive.

​    Chronic health conditions have become accepted as normal and inevitable, but the human body is not designed to be sick.  The body does what it can to not be sick, but throwing bad food at it for decades (or less) is certain to induce several health concerns.  Just because a health condition is prevalent in your family doesn’t mean that it is inevitable.  You have control over your familial genes expressing themselves.


    The body is a self-healing organism.  Give your body the foods that it is genetically coded to thrive on, and eliminate the foods that cause chronic health conditions, and your body will repair itself to the extent that it can.  You will be pleasantly surprised, as I was, eliminating over a dozen chronic health conditions.

    I will teach you what foods to include in your diet, and as importantly, what foods to exclude from your diet, to see your health return to a state that you probably thought was not possible.  See the 'About' page for details on my personal path and how rapidly my life was in MY control, and not dependent on health care professionals or prescription medicines. 

    No counting calories, hunger, cleanses, detoxes, juicing or nutriceuticals.  Just eating real food. 

  A few of the health concerns that respond to a real food diet:  diabetes (Type 2 and 1), arthritis, migraines, excess body fat, gut issues, autoimmune conditions, mind/brain issues (Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, anxiety, mood, ADHD), MS, cancer, poor sleep, inflammatory processes  and lymph issues.

  Mankind has been looking for that 'magic pill' that will solve our health woes with a single change/addition to our diet.  A single dietary change/addition may somewhat improve a single health issue, but nothing is as broadly effective as using food as 'medicine'. 

    I commend you for reaching out to learn more about Primal Health Coaching.  Wellness is something I am passionate about and I look forward to connecting with you so we can start your journey to restored health. 

    In great health,