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Arthritis is a condition where your body has lost the fight against inflammation.

Arthritis is a progressive condition that advances regardless of medication.  Several generations of your family may have arthritis so you have been told that it is inevitable.  If you eat the same poor diet that they do, then yes, it will likely be inevitable.  Eating a diet that your genes expect will likely keep those faulty familial genes from expressing themselves.

With any type of arthritis ensure that your doctor is working WITH you to determine at which point medications can be reduced or eliminated.  Pain level reduction is usually the most rapid effect of adopting a corrected diet, but the metabolic processes that contributes to inflammation that contributes to arthritis is normalized.  The speed at which arthritis is halted or reversed varies between the type of arthritis.  Depending on the length of affliction and the type of arthritis, some damage may be permanent.  Correct your diet and you will likely be surprised as to the extent your body is able to heal.

Enlist the services of a Primal Health Coach to learn how the foods you consume will allow your body to heal.