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Allergies are the result of your body losing the inflammation battle.

Your body is designed to handle inflammation, but the standard diet provides too many inflammatory compounds for the body to handle.  Eventually the body loses this battle and you end up with allergies.  This may result in seasonal outdoor allergies, indoor allergies, pet allergies or food allergies.

By adopting a primal diet that is low in inflammatory properties and higher in antioxidants, your body is able to stay on the winning side of this inflammatory battle.   For food allergies, often a diet that removes the problematic food for several weeks or months allows the body to rid itself of antibodies to that food.   That food can later be reintroduced into the diet if desired.  Your body will let you know if it is now able to handle that food without issue or whether you should avoid that food permanently.


Enlist the services of a Primal Health Coach and learn how food can allow your body to heal.